Hi, I'm Florian
Software Engineer Problem Solver
Python | Golang | Javascript/Typescript
Living in Amsterdam
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Florian Bigot
I am a software developer on a perpetual journey to conquer challenges. I thrive on problem-solving and refuse to be confined to a specific box.
My heart lies in the Back-End, where I find my greatest joy in architecting simple yet robust solutions. However, my journey extends beyond that. From Front-End to Back-End, DevOps, and everything in between, I'm your go-to developer.
Always proactive, I relish collaborating with developer, product, support and design teams to simplify the execution and to bring the best functionalities and aesthetics into every project.
What sets me apart is my motivation driven not by specific technologies, but by the specific that each problem presents. My approach is pragmatic, grounded in a commitment to practical and battle tested solutions.
Let's build something extraordinary together!
Python (Django, Flask)
Node.js (Express)
Vue.js & Nuxt.js
React.js & Next.js
React Native
Fullstack Developer at GET Protocol
Jan 2022 to present
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Developing all kind of new features in a complex kubernetes ecosystem of several microservices (Python and Golang) and a monolith application (Python) as well as several web and native applications (Vue.js, React native)
  • Diversifing revenue source by designing, developing and integrating a new microservice allowing secondary sale of tickets. <br> Process payments, KYCs, and send payouts to multiple parties (end users, customers, customers of customers) using Stripe.
  • Creating a resevation system into a complexe existing system allowing the sale of tickets through shops.
  • Expanding an existing dashboard, so our customers can track buyers orders and payments in real time instead of relying on daily generated csv reports.
  • Onboarding new employees and mentor junior developers.
  • Troubleshooting and hotfix production bugs, refactor existing codebase.
Product development engineer at Hutchinson
Jan 2019 to Dec 2021
Providence, RI, USA
Designed and Developed a set of tools to automate the design, validation and report generation of mechanical components.
Cut down the development cost and time, and increased the quality of new products being developed.
  • Created a monolith API (Python) and Web application (Nuxt.js)
  • Converted windows based scientific computing libraries into a pluggable Linux container using Docker.
  • Extensively used Docker from development to production.
  • Maintained a self hosted Linux server.
Mechanical Engineer
2015 to 2021
I worked as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and automotive industry before I persued my career as a software engineer.
I worked on projects related to the design and validation of mechanical components and systems, and developed scientific computing libraries.
MsC in Mechanical Engineering at University of Technology of Compiegne
BsC in Material Science at University of Rennes